Wooden Spoon Carving Tool Kit

Our cultural musical instruments are where our adventure began. shipping surcharge applies in addition to our regular shipping and handling fee. For shipments outside the contiguous USA or areas not served by regular ground shipping, our Customer Service Department will confirm the shipping charge. Started the night thinking “there is now way I’ll be able to create something in the time we have” and ended the night feeling accomplished and surprised by what I made. A very laid back time, and Eric and Michele really know what they’re doing and are eager to help.

  • I love to cook, experimenting with different ingredients and exploring cultural foods.
  • There’s plenty of material in the crown of the tree.
  • It’s pleasant to hold, with a nice shape and weight.
  • The added appeal to spoon-making, however, is that it can be experienced on your actual trip, with very few tools, which makes it especially fun and approachable.

The spoon rest I was making had an odd shape and the spokeshave would not fit. The bowl left by the flap disc wasn’t perfect, Dremel to the rescue again! This time I used a sanding sheet attachment instead of the drum. For the next experiment I tried to carve out the bowl using a flap disc on my angle grinder. Here are some supplies and tools we find essential in our everyday work around the shop. We may receive a commission from sales referred by our links; however, we have carefully selected these products for their usefulness and quality.

Step 7: Begin Carving

We could have gone on for hours, and in fact picked right up again a day later and did. And we all had multiple interactions like this over & over during our days together. Some were here longer or shorter; and one-by-one they trickled out as they had come in. Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped us set up & break down.

spoon carving

A small spoon, on the other hand, offers better proportions for a child. In some cases, the piece of wood itself may well dictate the shape of the spoon – see the curved ‘bone spoon’ box out below, with its defined arc. My favorite thing about https://woodcarvinghdimages.blogspot.com/2019/07/best-wood-for-spoon-carving.html is not having a plan and seeing where the wood and tools will take me.

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Once you’ve roughed out the handle of the spoon it’s time to start working on the head. I found it easier to start with the convex back of the spoon rather than the dished out concave side. This step is completely optional, but since it was sitting right next to me, I used the belt sander to quickly round over the edges on the spoon https://woodcarvinghdimages.blogspot.com and sand down to my spoon outline. Again, anything done with a power tool just saves you the work of having to do it by hand in the forthcoming carving step. Carving a wooden spoon is a great activity because the process is directed, but still has a place for creativity. The end goal is to make something functional and pleasing.

Black cherry has a lovely pink heartwood that contrasts nicely against the pale cream sapwood. The heartwood will darken over time to a reddish brown, but the contrast against the sapwood tends to stay. The heartwood and sapwood also have a different texture to them when carved. The sapwood feels thicker and more elastic, kind of like carving through plastic.

Spoon Carving Set

Avoid cutting towards yourself by changing angles and the direction you hold your chunk of wood. If you have to, go very slowly and take great care, using just your thumb to push and control the blade, so the edge is less likely to glance spoon carving away from the wood. You could even use a sturdy piece of leather to protect your legs or body, which can also double as your spoon/tool roll. The wood was hard to carve, but it looks great and it feels like it will last forever.

spoon carving

As mentioned above, a sturdy tool wrap can be useful too, as you can use it to protect your body when carving. When I find a suitable piece of wood, I lash it to my seatpack or fork bag. Once you have the general shape of the spoon carved, the curved knife – aka the scooper – comes into play. Now that all the bowls are carved out it’s time to cut the spoons out to rough shape.

Other crafters like to harvest and use raw material from nature, feeling more bonded and connected to the project overall. Keep carving the wood until the hollows are completely smooth. Don’t apply any pressure to the soft wood – the tool and the accessory will do the work. Now, draw horizontal lines beneath the circles to create a security stop, put on your glove and use a handsaw to saw the wood down to the lines.