Free Wood Carving Santa Ornament Pattern By Lora S Irish

Dave Stetson is one of the best in the world when it comes to wood carving. Santa carver James Barr resides in Missouri and specializes in large Santa log carvings. He prefers to carve catalpa but also occasionally creates Santas from basswood and butternut. Each of these log Santas weigh anywhere from 50 to 300 pounds and have a rustic, yet well finished appearance. Beautifully carved from head to toe with wonderful expressions and themes.

, but there are many other brands out there. The top knife has a 1.5 inch blade and the bottom is 1 3/4 inch blade. If you’re new to carving, you might want to watch some videos and get a little training on the basic techniques. The biggest danger is working with really sharp knives, but once you understand the precautions and techniques, it’s a very safe process.

I use beige for the flesh tones and red for the hat, white for the hat and beard and blue for the eyes. Similar to what I did for the hat, I made a stop cut on the right for the beard and made the beard swoop to the right. Of course, you can make the beard go straight down into a taper if you want.

Checkered Heart Tall Hat Santa By Dave Francis

You can make one or two for yourself or these ornaments make great gifts. I was able to make this one in an afternoon. Get really good, and you can work these out in 1/2 to 1 hour.

Bender’s fingerprints can even be detected in the paint. It’s those touches, Barr said, that make each Santa unique in its own. Museum gift shop manager Bonnie Barr said Bender, of Frederick County, is a unique, one-of-a kind artist. 25.Use a wide #3-35mm gouge to begin to shape the beard. You can also use the #3-20mm or a shallow sweep #3 palm gouge if you prefer. 7.After removing the wood from the darkened areas to expose the arms and foot, use a marking pen to draw in the beard.

  • Beautifully carved from head to toe with wonderful expressions and themes.
  • 100 percent hand crafted solid wood Santa carving.
  • Each of these log Santas weigh anywhere from 50 to 300 pounds and have a rustic, yet well finished appearance.
  • Self taught, he uses only hand tools to create his delightfully unique woodcarvings.

Santa Rosalia – Painting portrait of contemporary art on fabrics, enamels and recycled wood.

Whimsical Hand Carved Santa

The ends are generally where big logs will begin to check or crack. With smaller branches you may not have to worry as much. But I would recommend you store them in a place like the garage so they can gradually season.

Also outline Santa’s beard, and the hairline on the sides of his face as well as over his shoulders. From the bottom of the hat brim, I measure down 3/4 inch down and make another stop cut straight in. How deep you go on that stop cut will determine the size of the nose. This project is inspired by an article by Tom Hindes found in Woodcarving Illustrated magazine . The article is called the 5-Minute Wizard. You can also make several variations, only limited by your imagination.

We know you’ll love them as much as we love creating them. «Every year I do a Santa carving for my wife,» said Stetson, pointing out the ornate wooden carvings around his house. Barr said the most rewarding aspect of the Santa carving project is where the proceeds go.

“Ed doesn’t keep any of the proceeds for himself,” Barr said. The proceeds from each sale are directed toward an education fund for his grandson to go to college. Not only was Barr excited over Bender’s skills, but also because he’s a local artist. Barr and museum staff pride themselves on their variety of locally made and sourced gift items available for sale in the gift shop. “We want to support the community,” Barr added.

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Lots of free wood carving and pyrography patterns are headed your way. Bender has carved several hundred Santas over a 20-year span. His passion for wood carving started as a young man in the Boy Scouts. Upon retirement in 1988 from the CIA, Bender said he needed a hobby, and he remembered how much he enjoyed carving. At the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, Ed Bender, of Frederick County is known as the “Santa Carver”. His hand carved wood Santa’s are highly sought-after among the Shenandoah Valley community for their intricate details, traditional style and uniqueness.

Hand Carved Santa

This is one of the first caricature carvings I created. If you look closely at the elve’s beard you’ll noticed that I used a V-tool to get the beard texture. The screw eye was very easy to start by hand and just screw in with my fingers. Now, Santa Clause is ready to hang on the tree.

He goes incognito to check up on who is naughty and who is nice! Carving Undercover Santas contains 13 imaginative project plans presenting Santa in a variety of non-Santa disguises. Carving Undercover Santas provides templates, detailed instructions and painting tips. After an introduction to carving basics, there are seven step-by-step projects, followed by a gallery of six more designs. Usually, the larger Saint Nicholas carvings are from the Butternut wood and the smaller, fatter Santa’s are carved from Linden wood.